What is WAAM®?

A revolutionary additive manufacturing process, Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing is executed by depositing layers of metal on top of each other, until the intended three-dimensional geometry is formed.

Similar to other AM methods, WAAM® uses an electric arc as a heat source and metal wires as feedstock.

Heat sources can include Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG), Metal Inert Gas (MIG), Metal Active Gas (MAG), and Plasma Transferred Arc (PTA). Each of these arc welding processes has its own specific advantages and drawbacks, attributed to their energy density, the level of control they provide, the deposition rate they can achieve, and the types of defects they might produce.

How It Works

Step 1

An electric arc is ignited between the welding torch (heat source) and the substrate plate. Metal wires are used as feedstock.

Step 2

The electric arc is used to melt the metal wire and to deposit the melted metals into the melt pool via droplet transfer.

Step 3

Material deposition occurs layer by layer, until the intended geometry is achieved.

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Satisfactory results are followed by the second phase, the industrialisation. Here, WAAM3D can assist you by providing integrated systems featuring our unique software and hardware framework; by providing technology-transfer services; and by supplying you with raw-materials produced specifically for additive manufacturing.

Understand production needs and demonstrate technology relevance

Discuss business drivers and formulate plans

Provide proof of concept and first-right part


Option 1

Addept3D can support you by providing integrated systems featuring unique WAAM® hardware and software framework, along with necessary operating know-how transfer and other support services.

Option 2

Addept3D can invest in the necessary WAAM® equipment capacity and undertake the production activities to supply the required parts to you.

Why Us

Work With You To Address Your Manufacturing Needs For Large Metal Parts Through Additive Manufacturing

Opportunities to reduce waste, reduce lead-time and reduce cost.

Access to extensive AM knowledge and experience

Affiliation to WAAM3D and Cranfield University – a leader in WAAM technology research and development

Intellectual Property Protection

Use of patented processes developed by our Affiliates

Proprietary Hardware and Software

Our solutions employ purpose-built hardware integrated with ??? software to attain better product output

Good understanding of relevant Materials and applicable Energy Sources

More Viable Means of Making Products

Provide the necessary support for you to adapt and transition towards additive manufacturing as a more viable means to making your products

Lower Manufacturing Costs

An electric arc is ignited between the welding torch (heat source) and the substrate plate. Metal wires are used as feedstock.

Reduced Manufacturing Waste

WAAM process creates near net shape components with better material utilisation.

Simplified Supply Chains

With significant pressure on supply chains and high production and transportation costs companies are onshoring and looking for new, more flexible and reliable technologies that can be employed closer to their sites – such as WAAM.

Shorter Lead Time

Parts can be procured much more quickly leveraging on WAAM’s digital process workflow. Large forgings can be up to 14 months (with an additional 4 months for roughing and finishing), WAAM can reduce this process to weeks

Better Quality and Consistency

With our proprietary WAAM system and patented in-process auxiliary solutions, you can achieve better and more consistent mechanical properties for your parts compared to other AM processes.


Turns your part’s preform into executable RoboWAAM code, with our advanced slicing and trajectory strategies.