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Consistent, High Quality Parts

We use WAAM® technology to manufacture large metal components and structures, including customised parts, in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Our proprietary integrated software and hardware technologies enable us to offer manufacturers a suite of effective solutions that provide enhanced part quality and consistency.

In particular, our specialised end effector enables in-situ monitoring, improved shielding for reactive metals, and automated wire adjustments. Collectively, these features ensure better deposition quality.

WAAM System

Our WAAM system is an industrial-standard solution, built with components such as established motion systems, end effectors complete with a suite of sensors, power sources that match material and process requirements, shielding solutions, and ancillary processes.

The system can be controlled from the comfort of your own desk (as opposed to the shop floor) when you pair it with our range of software solutions.



Our integrated wire arc additive manufacturing equipment.

End Effectors

Our unique processing head — integrated with vision, shielding, thermal sensing, wire positioning, and torch mounting apparatus.






Wire Materials

World-class quality wire for WAAM®

By using the best materials for the job, we deliver exceptional deposition quality.

First-Right Part Printing

Proof of Concept

We offer a full range of metal additive manufacturing services to makers of
highly critical metal components and structures.

Whether in titanium, steel, nickel, or aluminium, we can produce the part
you need, in any size and mass.

Understand production needs & demonstrate technology relevance

Discuss business drivers & formulate plans

Provide proof of concept & first-right part

We develop and validate build strategy and parameters for our manufacturing partners
to put into serial production.

Parts Production for Industrialisation

Once you’re satisfied with our proof of concept, you are ready to take the next step: Industrialisation.

Here, you can pick from either of these 2 approaches:

Solutions Approach

We provide integrated systems that feature unique WAAM® hardware and software, along with the necessary operational knowledge and additional support services.

Production Approach

We produce and supply the parts to you.

Start Your Journey With Us


RoboWAAM™, our wire arc additive manufacturing machine, was first commissioned in 2020. Our MKII machine, powered by the operating system WAAMCtrl, has novel sensors, specialised end-effectors, and advanced health and safety solutions.

RoboWAAM leverages on WAAM3D’s best-in-class integrated hardware-software ecosystem.

It works seamlessly with the programmes generated by WAAMPlanner. It is managed by WAAMCtrl, the operating system overseeing the whole of the build process, providing process monitoring and governance over the many health and safety capabilities, as well as fully auditable process trail.

The best features of RoboWAAM are the ones you do not see: on board fumes treatment, automatic deposition environment purging, quick wire changeover system, and the 40 sensors keeping an eye on the key process variables, tens of times per second.

End Effectors

Our bespoke end effectors provide heat and wire feedstock, and can also in real time measure temperatures, provide melt pool imaging, house ShapeTechTM, and with the local-shielding option they also protect reactive materials from oxidation. For PTA options, they also feature automatic positioning of the wire within the plasma arc, to further ensure consistent deposition.

Our end-effectors connect to WAAMCtrl to let you know what is happening throughout the build process.


Turns your part’s preform into executable RoboWAAM code, with our advanced slicing and trajectory strategies.


Eliminates defects and keeps the layer height under control using our growing list of material-specific algorithms that automatically allocate process parameters all around the tool path. Depending on the chosen WAAM process, we also offer compensation strategies that deal with changes in thermal inertia.


Is simulation software that enables you to visualise RoboWAAM’s deposition environment, run through your RoboWAAM programme, check for collision and other calibration issues and save precious time between completing the path programming and printing on RoboWAAM – from any workstation in your organisation.


Is an all-encompassing operating system for RoboWAAM with monitoring, control, digital twin mapping, hardware and health and safety management, fully auditable data storage, quality log, and interactive data navigation.