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Addept3D is a Singapore-based 3D printing and precision manufacturing firm that provides a suite of Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing (WAAM®) solutions to companies across industries for the production of large metal components and structures.

We work closely with our strategic partner, WAAM3D, whose founders and staff have extensive knowledge and years of experience in the research, development, and application of WAAM® .

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Wire-Based Technology
for Additive Manufacturing

A technology-driven company providing integrated WAAM® solutions

Our WAAM® technology is an additive manufacturing method that melts readily available raw material (welding wires) with a heat source. A robotic arm is then used to shape and deposit the melted wires in a planned sequence until the intended geometry is formed.

Suitable for customised, large metal components, WAAM® technologies are flexible and scalable, and can help reduce manufacturing time and material wastage.

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Why Tap on Our Expertise

Keen grasp of manufacturing needs

Manufacturers are always looking to reduce waste, lead-time, and cost. We understand and have the means to help you achieve that.

Extensive AM knowledge and experience

Through our close partnerships with WAAM3D and Cranfield University, customers gain access to a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Proprietary Hardware and Software

Our purpose-built hardware and powerful software enable customers to achieve higher product output and better outcomes.

A More Viable Means of Production

Our dedicated team will support your transition toward additive manufacturing as a more viable means to making your products.

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Turns your part’s preform into executable RoboWAAM code, with our advanced slicing and trajectory strategies.